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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today
- vol. 34(2) March/April 2016
Your leading partner for highly potent and cytotoxic compounds
With over 45 years of experience, swiss-based Micro-Macinazione
S.A. is the most competent provider of Micronization services and
equipment for the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical industry.
Our commitment to increase the safety level and to protect the health of our employees in combination with a changing
regulatory environment, has led us to begin a complete revamping of our 3 production facilities. This project is based on a
product segregation strategy and product banding system implementation, based on OEL levels. The new banding system
consists of 5 different categories with the following containment levels:
The different containment solutions were
designed in-house by our Engineering
department and are a clear demonstration of
our competence as a contract micronization
service provider as well as our capacities to
design and produce jet-mills, containment
solutions and pneumatic conveyors.
Micromacinazione is also enlarging the offering for NCE’s and HPAPI’s. Since the beginning of this year, 2 new Glove Boxes
for 4B products and one Glove Box for 4A Cytotoxic API’s were installed and 2 additional 4A Glove Boxes are going to be
available in the coming months.
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