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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today
- vol. 34(2) March/April 2016
Swiss contract research and service provider Solvias have announced the launch of a new quality control
(qc) department. This will significantly boost the company’s capacity to serve as a “one-stop shop” with fast,
high-quality and cost-effective QC, complementing Solvias’ established reputation in cutting-edge R&D.
With the full integration of the QC-release team from the Swiss-based Confarma AG (part of the acquisition
of Confarma in 2013), Solvias has significantly expanded its physical-chemical Quality Control capabilities
for both small molecules and biopharmaceuticals.
Combining cutting-edge research and development in analytics and an expanded QC capacity under one roof makes it easier for customers
to consolidate outsourcing activities and simplifies the process of preparing for regulatory audits. And if unexpected issues surface during the
QC process – for example, leaching from packaging materials – Solvias’ R&D expertise is immediately available to solve the problem.
The QC department will concentrate on the analysis of Phase III and commercial products, including release and stability testing. The
new dedicated QC department in Kaiseraugst offers a wide range of QC technologies, covering 95% of compendial methods (Ph.
Eur., USP and JP), including the following:
Chromatographic technics, including UHPLC, spectroscopic methods as well as classical wet chemistry
Galenical tests for all dosage forms
Aerodynamic particle sizing (e.g. NGI for inhalers)
Enzyme activities
With the new QC department, Solvias is ideally positioned to support its clients’ increasingly stringent quality and safety standards
and the expanding demands of regulatory authorities. And since every customer’s QC needs are different, Solvias staff-members
are trained to be flexible and work with each client to find the most efficient solutions. In addition to physical-chemical testing at its
headquarters in Kaiseraugst, Solvias maintains a hub for microbiological QC at its French affiliate Confarma in Hombourg.
Genevac Series 3 HT evaporators
provide an ideal solution for
evaporation bottlenecks
in high throughput medicinal
chemistry, natural product and production laboratories that generate large numbers of samples for processing.
Compact in design and offering a very high capacity for a wide range of sample formats including microplates,
vials, and fraction collection tubes, Series 3 HT evaporators offer the versatility and productivity to assist chemists
tasked with drying large numbers of samples. The high-throughput design of a Series 3 HT evaporator allows up to
48 shallow-well microplates to be dried down at the same time, while capacity for standard 16 x 100mm fraction
collector tubes is an outstanding 288 tubes per run. To increase throughput further several Series 3 HT evaporators
may be run in parallel on an Infinity trolley system. Infinity is a modular trolley, designed to accommodate multiple
Genevac evaporators in the optimum configuration to minimise the footprint of the supported system, freeing
valuable bench or fume hood space and allowing the system to be moved easily for service access.
Available in HT-12 and HT-6 configurations, Genevac Series 3 HT evaporators are the system of choice for high throughput sample drying
because of their high sample capacity, unique technology that eliminates cross contamination due to sample bumping and automated
monitoring of temperature and pressure to prevent sample degradation. Benefiting from Genevac’s 25+ years of designing centrifugal
evaporators, Series 3 HT systems are easy to use, reliable, robust and safe to both operator and sample integrity.
International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG)
Novartis Group
have entered into an agreement under which ICIGwill acquire all of the
shares in
Sandoz Industrial Products GmbH
, a Frankfurt-Höchst based manufacturer of enzyme-based fermentation products and intermediates
for the pharmaceutical industry, especially for use in antibiotics. Closing of the transaction is anticipated to occur on 1 April 2016.
Sandoz’s decision to withdraw from the production of intermediates for 7-ACA antibiotics for external customers in May 2015 initiated
a dual track process preparing the site for a sale and securing its customer base while alternatively considering a shutdown of its
operation at the Industriepark Höchst.
With this agreement, Sandoz Industrial Products GmbH will maintain its operations associated with CordenPharma, the pharma platform of
ICIG. The business will be complementary to both ICIG’s pharma activities as well as to its fine chemicals activities within the WeylChemGroup.
The site represents an important building block for further expansion into fermentation-based production technology for ICIG.
With the acquisition of the Sandoz Höchst site, CordenPharma will become one of the major suppliers of 7-ACA to customers worldwide.
CordenPharma will also use the material in-house for its own antibiotics value chain at its Latina site in Italy. “The new site will expand
CordenPharma’s operations, growing its enzymes-based manufacturing portfolio and dedicated antibiotics technology platform and
will add state-of-the-art capabilities in microbial fermentation and enzymatic reactions to WeylChem’s extensive non-GMP production
capabilities as well”, says Dr. Achim Riemann,
Managing Director of ICIG
. “With the newly acquired plant at the Höchst site, ICIG further
increases its footprint in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. We are focused on the continuation and further development of the business, as
we have successfully demonstrated in many other transactions“, adds Patrick Schnitzer, Managing Director of ICIG.
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