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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today
- vol. 34(2) March/April 2016
The Venue: Basel Messe, Switzerland
The 31
edition of Chemspec Europe will take place in one of the major hubs
for the fine and speciality chemicals industry. The Basel region borders three
of Europe’s strongest countries in the chemical sector – Germany, France
and Switzerland – offering potential to meet and do business with a large
number of new industry contacts.
Information for visitors
Chemspec Europe 2016 will take place in hall 1.1 at Basel Messe. Dates and
opening hours of the exhibition are 1 – 2 June 2016, from 9.00 – 17.00h. On
the exhibition website you can now download the official Chemspec Europe Visitor Guide that has just been published, pre-
order the Show Preview, which will be available from the end of April, and subscribe to a regularly published Chemspec Europe
newsletter. To benefit from free entry and quick admission to the show, visitors can book the entry tickets online ahead of the
show. Online registration will be available from the end of April 2016 onwards.
Effective management of compound collections is crucial to the success of the early discovery efforts of the
Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Agri-Science industries. In addition, academic organizations are also establishing
comprehensive compound management infrastructures to help realize their target validation and drug discovery goals.
The SLAS Conference on Compound Management in Industry and Academia will assemble key individuals who share the
aims of providing their organizations the right compound at the right time and in the best possible quality, to allow the
generation of meaningful screening, pharmacological, toxicological or ADME profiling data.
Who should attend?
This gathering will provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to compound management and lead discovery
professionals, from bench scientists to senior leaders.
This Conference will gather researchers, academics and industry professionals working in High-Content Screening to
explore the latest advances and emerging technologies in the field. Hot topics include novel organisms, novel markers,
new essays, novel microscopy techniques, image analysis and statistics.
EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Benefit from the experience of 30+ outstanding research, academic and industry
LEARN. Take advantage of the courses flanking the conference to gain an understanding on how to use specific
instruments and how to analyse data.
COLLABORATE. Find out who is currently at the forefront of High-Content Screening and with whom to collaborate.
STAY UPDATED. Learn all about the emerging technologies and the latest advances in High-Content Screening.
NETWORK. Become part of the global HCS community and have a network of peers with whom to evolve discussions.
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