COLUMN Compliance Alessandro Riccardo Pometto works at Iole Anna Savini’s Law Firm in Milan since 2017, where he collaborates in providing extrajudicial assistance on the subject of corporate administrative responsibility, according to D.lgs. 231/2001. Ginevra Campalani, is a lawyer specialized in corporate crimes. She cooperates with Iole Anna Savini’s law firm since 2014 and she has reached a high level of qualification on the subject of corporate administrative responsibility according to D. lgs. 231/2001 and in anticorruption matter. She is also part of the editorial staff of aodv231. Lawyer - Specialized in Corporate Crimes ABOUT THE AUTHORS 11 PHARMA HORIZON – vol. 2(2) 2018 Junior Legal Consultant However, despite the ongoing debate on how the law can be further improved, this new law will hopefully help to change the mentality - whistleblowers must be considered as a precious resource for fighting corruption and for helping to stop misconduct in the public and private sectors alike, not as a “spy” that might hinder business.