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through different means; i.e. we have a grant from the
Norwegian Research Council, where we are looking
at developing derivatives to selected gram-negative
compounds.We have already run a series of Phase I-II
trials combining drug with a unique droplet inhalation
device and we are continuing to push forward with some
of the derivative programs.We are moving step-by-step
into innovation, slowly adding competencies and people
in a way that does not damage the original business. In
2008, 90% of our turnover was bulkAPIs, last year it was
47% finished products and it should be 80% soon.
Are there synergies with Novo Nordisk?
We are two separate companies and they are much
bigger and a more mature organization. However, some
of the concepts behind their success are being evaluated
also for our anti-infective products; i.e. how they made
insulin a more valuable product by making it into a liquid
formulation delivered in a pen device.
As you are a really customer-oriented company,
which is the main trait that characterizes your
manufacturng footprint?
Xellia has five manufacturing plants, combining lower
cost geographies and locations, withWestern based
facilities. The three drug product facilities are all based in
the western hemisphere with major presence in the US,
which is also the primary target market. For certain key
products, there is bothAPI and drug product capacity
available on two or even three sites to ensure security
of supply to the market. Furthermore, all facilities are
run according to the most stringent standards and are
approved for supply by all major regulatory agencies
in full compliance with the ever increasing quality
From a technical point of view, which are your key-
technologies that clients can rely on?
Xellia offers deep understanding in fermentation based
molecules from strain development through purification
and analytical method development. API manufacturing
is focused on non-beta lactam capabilities, whilst drug
product covers liquid, lyophilized and sterile dry-fill
vials and in the future also aseptic bag manufacturing.
Another of our focus areas is in aqueous droplet
inhalation of anti-infective products.
APIs, fnshed dosage forms, novel anti-infetives:
three areas of activities to develop. Which are the
their potentiality in terms of marketshare? How do
you see the future of these application areas?
The primary focus for Xellia is injectable anti-infectives.
Our pipeline includes generics as well as value added
medicines (VAM), which is the future focal point for the
company. Our VAM strategy is based on reformulation
with the aim to improve safety, ease use and
administration, as well as combine this with known or
novel delivery systems and devices.
focus on Pharma Packaging and Excipients
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