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in order to provide the most appropriate technologies
and analytical capabilities for pharma and biotech
companies that need more than simple chemistry.
Olon sales force has very clear market understanding
and objectives. They know that a CDMO need to be
much more than just a supplier; they need to focus on
a long-term partnership approach that offers advice
and support across all stages of a project. Pharma and
biotech companies should expect to save time and
costs through reduced wastage, better planning and
more efficient management.
Olon is also continuously investing in new
Fluorination: Teflon or PFA reactors were installed
on a lab scale; two PFA reactors (600 L and 1000 L)
were installed on pilot plant scale.
Recombinant peptides: Olon FDA inspected
and fully cGMP compliant fermentation site in
Italy can offer a full range of analytical as well as
development and production technologies, this
allows Olon to manufacturea number of different
peptides, with a lengths ranging from 30 aa up
to proteins and enzymes. In addition the semi-
synthetic capabilities in Olon allow the access to
peptides entailing non-natural amino acids, and
to perform subsequent synthetic derivatizations.
The cost of peptides so obtained is not sensitive
to their length and complexity, but it only
dependent upon fermentation capabilities.
No needs for protection and deprotection steps,
that affects the cost as well as the purity of
peptides so obtained.
Finally, strong supply chain support is also needed
to minimize production delays due to out-of-
specification raw materials or delays in raw material
supply. Since many starting materials are sourced in
Asia, logistic and quality control have to be mastered
right at source. Olon’s subsidiary P&R Shangai-
International Trading Co has a deeply knowledge of
the Asian manufacturers network having in place a
quality auditing activity assuring the most reliable
source for each specific project.
And the telling story will continue….
Olon S.p.a.
Strada Rivoltana km6/7
20090 Rodano (MI) - Italy
Phone: +39 02 95231
focus on Pharma Packaging and Excipients
vol. 1(3) 2017
Luigi Trussardo
of Olon Ricerca Bioscience
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