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AKOSKY® APIUM BRONZE WINNER of the Green Ingredient Award In-Cosmetics 2014!
The winners of the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards and the new Green Ingredient Award were announced at an exclusive ceremony in Hamburg. The ten finalists in the Green Ingredient Award were selected by an expert panel of expert judges. READ MORE

MINAFIN announces a major expansion of its bio-based 1,2-PENTANEDIOL production capacity

The fine chemical manufacturer MINAFIN has announced plans to expand the capacity for bio-based 1,2-pentanediol (Eco certified pentylene glycol), a  key ingredient for the cosmetic industry and an intermediate for agricultural applications and other specialty markets.  READ MORE
The expanded OHAUS Explorer® Series. Intelligent. Intuitive. Ingeniously Practical. Minafin_Logo.png
OHAUS, a leading worldwide manufacturer of scales and balances has expanded the Explorer® Series, the most technically advanced and intuitive line of balances ever produced by the company. The new additions include Analytical models, High-Capacity models, as well as Precision models that require traditional external calibration for a more classic and affordable approach.   READ MORE
Heritage and Science
Famous paintings help study the Earth’s past atmosphere Colours of paintings reveal ash and gas released during major volcanic eruptions.
Featured events
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) conference ... at the Chemspec Europe, 18-19 June, 2014 Budapest - Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) conference "Waste not Want not - profit from sustainable chemistry". Download here the programme!
When Science gets astonishing
Paleontologists assemble giant turtle bone ... ...from fossil discoveries made centuries apart.
Food for the mind
A crisis can be a real blessing ... Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things.

'SuperMum' campaign results in improvements in people's hand-washing behavior

An analysis of a unique "SuperMum" handwashing campaign shows how to achieve significant long-lasting improvements in people's handwashing behaviour and to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Find more HERE

Techno scouting
Techno scouting Which industry is the most active in techno scouting? What type of innovation is expected out of techno scouting processes? What is the real business value of using techno scouting? Discover it in this video!
Women in chemistry
Ecochem celebrates women in science for women’s history month On March the Ecochem blog begun a two part series on ‘Women in Science’.
Sustainability in Household Care
The Copenhagen Sustainability Series 2012-2013 Download the PDF of the collection of The Copenhagen Sustainability Series
WHAT'S NEXT in Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today
Chemistry Today Issue 2/2014 will deal with sustainability, analytical technologies, process intensification, regulation, catalysis, chiral technologies, excipients. A supplement on Oligos & Peptides is foreseen dealing with therapeutic applications and stability issues.
What's next in Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech
Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech Issue 2/2014 will deal mainly with functional food, intolerancies, healthy ageing, preventive nutrition, dietary supplements, botanicals and food analysis. A supplement on Sport Nutrition is foreseen.
What's next in H&PC Today
H&PC Today Issue 3/2014 will deal with the Brazilian market, dermatology, skin care, sun care, transdermal delivery, natural ingredients, hair care, consumer protection, Chinese regulations and novel ingredients.
Viruses from the past
Giant virus revived from ancient permafrost From beneath the surface of Siberia’s permafrost cliffs, a French team of biologists has brought a 30,000-year-old giant virus back to life.
The physics of curly hair
The physics of curly hair The heroes and villains in animated films tend to be on opposite ends of the moral spectrum. But they're often similar in their hair, which is usually extremely rigid or — if it moves at all — is straight and swings to and from.
Noctilucent clouds
Appearance of night-shining clouds has increased First spotted in 1885, silvery blue clouds sometimes hover in the night sky [...]
Novel materials
New Self-healing Plastics Scratches in the car finish or cracks in polymer material: Self-healing materials can repair themselves by restoring their initial molecular structure after the damage. Scientists of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Evonik Industries have developed a chemical crosslinking reaction that ensures good short-term healing properties of the material under mild heating.
The sense of smell
Humans can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odors In a world perfumed by freshly popped popcorn and exhaust fumes, where sea breezes can mingle with the scents of sweet flowers or wet paint, new research has found that humans are capable of discriminating at least one trillion different odors.[...]
Novel food for coeliac disease suffering people
Gluten-free crackers made with hemp flour and decaffeinated green tea leaves The market for gluten-free foods with functional properties is growing immensely across virtually all food categories on a global level. The need to replace wheat proteins, fibers, and minerals is very important in order to [...]
Molluscs for food security
Ancient clam gardens nurture food security A three-year study of ancient clam gardens in the Pacific Northwest has led researchers, including three from Simon Fraser University, to make a discovery that could benefit coastal communities' food production.
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Newsletter issue 58 In this issue: heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200°C, researchers uncover secrets of a mollusk's unique bioceramic armor, good vibes for catalytic chemistry, hot nanoparticles for cancer treatments.
Newsletter issue 57 In this issue: the genome of Arabica coffee, ancient food webs after mass extinction, scientists find a molecular clue to the complex mystery of auxin signaling in plants,studying crops, from outer space.
Newsletter issue 56 In this issue: scientific evidence shows need to regulate antimicrobial ingredients in consumer products, the physics of curly hair, nano shake-up, scarless wound healing.
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