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- 12/12/2016

Aptar Pharma nears completion of elastomer component capacity in North America

Pharma Horizon

Aptar Pharma, a leading provider of drug delivery systems,  is  nearing  completion  on  its  expansion  at  its  Congers,  NY  state-of-the-art  manufacturing  site.  The  new  space  will  enable  the  company  to  better  serve North  American  pharmaceutical  customers,  as  injectable  elastomeric  component manufacturing will be completed in the United States for the first time by Aptar.
Final  construction  is  planned  by  the  end  of  the  first  quarter  of  2017  so  that  Aptar  Pharma  can anticipate shipping validation batches to customers in the second quarter of next year.
The expansion is part of a stepped program to increase Aptar Pharma’s footprint in the United States, according to Bas Van Buijtenen, President of the Injectables Division of Aptar Pharma. “This investment is continuing our commitment to growing and accelerating our footprint in North America. More significantly, the technology we are introducing will increase our ability to provide world-class manufacturing capabilities to our customers locally. This will provide premium products, shorter  lead-times  and  more  responsive  service  for  the  US  elastomeric  components  markets,” Van Buijtenen said.

aptar The  added  space  will  house  state-of-the-art  clean  rooms  and  integrated best-in-class  vision  equipment, according  to  Van  Buijtenen.  “Vision equipment will be used to perform 100% of the automatic inspection of all parts during  the  finishing  process  to  ensure PremiumVision TM   product  quality,”  he said. “The increased facility space also  enables the company to conduct all of our  finishing  operations  in  the  United States,  including  Aptar  Pharma’s recently  launched  PremiumCoat TM  coated stoppers.”

The  expansion  was  necessary  to  meet  the  continued  growth  of  Aptar  Pharma’s  US  injectables  business and is part of Aptar’s multiyear investment program supporting the global growth of its  injectables business. We  are  bringing  all  of  our  knowledge  and  the  value-adding  parts  of  our  process  closer  to  the customer,” he added. “We want our customers to know us better. To understand what we can do for them on an entirely different level.”

Van Buijtenen also commented, “We are a global player with a strong position in North America. Our integration  into  AptarGroup  gives  us  access  to  the  latest  technologies,  exceptional  people  and  great financial  stability.  Our  US  business  has  been  growing  very  rapidly,  and  this investment  in capacity will support and accelerate our growth into the future” he said.