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- 04/21/2017

Dow Showcased Cumulative Strength of Newly Integrated Multifunctional Ingredient Portfolio at in-cosmetics Global in London

H&PC Today
Successful integration of Dow and Dow Corning personal care solutions and expertise comes to life through the company’s LabSense™ open customer collaboration model.

Dow Home and Personal Care Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), aims to pioneer a new open collaboration model with personal care brand owners and formulators around the world. With LabSense™, brand owners gain access to plug-and-play product concepts reflecting regional consumer trends and differentiation opportunities, expert insights, formulation testing and analytics along with tutorials on how to best formulate with Dow solutions.

“The LabSense™ collaboration model is Dow’s answer to the question: ‘How do we significantly accelerate the pace of innovation and market breakthrough in our industry?’”, said Stephanie Sandrock-Beunat, global strategic marketing director for skin and sun care, at in-cosmetics Global in London. “Fast access to Dow’s premium ingredients, market-leading intelligence, and scientific expertise through LabSense™ will enable customers to incubate today’s concepts into tomorrow’s hero products quicker, more efficiently, and more sustainably.”

LabSense™ is a prime illustration of the synergies created through the recently completed integration of Dow Corning’s market-leading silicone expertise into Dow Home and Personal Care Solutions’ award-winning multifunctional offering to brands and consumers. “Consequently, our participation at in-cosmetics attests to the cumulative strength of our newly combined toolbox, which multiplies Dow’s capabilities to enable enhanced sensorial profiles and functional performance,” added Stephanie Sandrock-Beunat.

Experts, Heroes and Trends

Through LabSense™ brand owners and formulators are able to take on product concepts utilizing existing and new Dow technologies (“My Heroes”), reach thousands of local R&D specialists (“My Experts”), and access intelligence and inspiration packages centered on consumer trends (“My Trends”).

“Taking a cue from acceleration programs in innovation hotbeds such as Silicon Valley, LabSense™ builds on Dow’s post-integration abilities to move the needle for brand owners all over the world,” stated Stephanie Sandrock-Beunat. “It’s about leveraging our unmatched strengths in technology, technical services, EH&S and hands-on formulation support to foster closer collaborations with customers, enabling them to jumpstart innovation, and helping them effectively remove speed bumps on the road to market.”

Combined Strength of Integrated Solutions Portfolio

At in-cosmetics Global in London, Dow featured numerous formulations and technologies across the three pillars of LabSense™, impressively demonstrating the new breadth and depth of its solutions after the integration of Dow Corning’s silicone portfolio. The combined strength of the company’s R&D and marketing knowledge capabilities is underlined further with the adoption of Dow Corning’s established TRENDSLAB, a platform of concept collections showcasing on-trend formulations that align with the LabSense™ “My Trends” pillar.

Ryan Smith, global strategic marketing director for hair care, highlighted the customer benefits unlocked by Dow’s expanding solutions offering: “Today, Dow is a major force in the highly fragmented personal care specialty ingredient market and a leader in sensorial ingredients based on our portfolio of silicones, rheology modifiers and conditioning polymers. Our presence on the ground in every geography and forward-thinking customized offerings such as LabSense™ are of great value to brand owners and formulators to whom speed and locally relevant innovation are an important point of differentiation.”