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- 04/26/2017

EMULFEEL® wins the silver prize at the sensory awards in-cosmetics global 2017

H&PC Today

During In-Cosmetics Global 2017 attendees experienced the greater sensorial versatility of Emulfeel® SGP CHI. Chemyunion presented three prototype formulations of this innovative excipient at the Sensory Bar: Serum, Butter and Cream, and won the Silver Sensory Awards Prize.

Emulfeel® SGP CHI has a high degree of vegetal ingredients and is based on the Double Gel Network (DGN) technology that provides structuring of the oil and aqueous phases. Formulations can be developed using fewer ingredients and just by changing the oil phase different textures can be created with great versatility. Emulfeel® SGP CHI can be used to adjust the sensorial or as a viscosity modifier in cold or hot processes. As it does not require special production equipment it saves time during implementation and reduces the environmental impact. Emulfeel® SGP CHI was evaluated for clinical safety in dermatological and ophthalmic tests and showed excellent skin compatibility.

Creating value for the consumer has always been a challenge for formulators. Minimalist and multisensorial formulas are the best and easiest way to guarantee their loyalty once consumers are more conscious of what they are using and how it will affect their well-being. Moreover, these formulas must also be cost-effective, not only reducing components but also the process itself. This has become a trend in the personal care market. Understanding that, Chemyunion also showed how easy it is to produce a multisensorial formulation in one-step, with no heating required, during In-Cosmetics Global 2017. There were 3 sessions of Emulfeel® live demonstrations during the show.
Minimalism is the main benefit of Emulfeel® SGP CHI, and other benefits include:

  • A 33% increase in the perception of explosion of fragrance in the emulsion,
  • High stability in a wide temperature range (5-80°C),
  • Multiple sensoriality only by changing the oil phase,
  • Cold process reduces cost.

Emulfeel® SGP CHI has been developed by Chemyunion, globally recognized for the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, basic and functional excipients, classical and alternative preservatives for health and personal care. Our expertise involves understanding consumers’ desire for beauty and wellness, identifying trends and developing unique products through our capabilities in R&D. This is why our ingredients add value to the most successful brands worldwide.