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- 12/13/2016

Firmenich nominates two new Master Perfumers – Nathalie Lorson & Tony Reichert

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Firmenich is proud to announce the nomination of Nathalie Lorson and Tony  Reichert  as  Master  Perfumers  at  a  ceremony  today  in  Geneva,  Switzerland.  They  join  the  Fragrance  House’s prestigious circle of twelve Masters, who represent the greatest heights of artistry in their field, while shaping the future of  the  industry.  The  event  showcased  Ms.  Lorson’s  talented  career  in  Fine  Fragrance,  spanning  numerous  iconic fragrances  and  blockbusters,  and  Mr.  Reichert’s  immensely  successful  career  in  Body  and  Home  Care  fragrances, featuring many air and fabric care best sellers.
 “Our creators are the essence of Firmenich, exemplifying our legacy and values in their  daily work. It’s their unique talent  that  shapes  our  creative  signature  generation  after  generation,”  highlighted  Patrick  Firmenich,  Chairman, Firmenich Board. “This is why Firmenich’s Board places such high importance in selecting and honouring our Master Perfumers, who have honed their craft to perfection.”

 “On behalf of Firmenich, I extend my deepest congratulations to Nathalie and Tony who inspire us every day with their passion,  creativity  and  endless  commitment  to  creative  excellence”,  said  Gilbert  Ghostine,  CEO  Firmenich. “Throughout  their  illustrious  careers,  they  have  pioneered  some  of  the  world’s  most  loved  fragrances  which  have become timeless references for consumers worldwide.” 

 The distinct  title  of  Master  Perfumer,  created  by  Firmenich  in  1969,  recognizes  the  select  few  masters  who  have shaped world-renowned olfactive signatures, considered benchmarks of success and creativity in the industry. With an uncontested reputation of creative excellence, Firmenich’s Master Perfumers live the Group’s legacy and values every day.  They  also  play  a  key  role  in  driving  this  legacy  forward,  by  mentoring  the  next  generation  of  up-and-coming perfumers within Firmenich.  
“I am a gold prospector looking for nuggets of gold”, shared Nathalie Lorson. “We find lots of gold dust, but not many gold  nuggets!  Black  Opium  was  certainly  one”.  Based  on  an  original  idea  by  Nathalie  featuring  black  coffee  notes, Black Opium received the Fifi award for “best Prestige Fragrance” in France, Germany and the UK in 2015.
“Being a Perfumer is the best job in the world!” enthused Tony Reichert. “I feel extremely privileged to work every day with some of the best creators in the industry. I am particularly inspired by our younger perfumers. I always learn as much from them, as I teach them.  They try things I would never think of. That’s what pushes the boundaries of our art”. 

Nathalie Lorson has dedicated her whole career to Perfumery, starting off with Roure and then IFF. Since joining Firmenich in 2000, Nathalie has created iconic fragrances for prestigious customers such as LVMH, L’Oréal, Clarins, Coty, InterParfums, P&G and Bath Body Works, several of which have earned awards from the Fragrance Foundation in the U.S.A and Europe. In 2015, Nathalie was recognized as Perfumer of the Year in France by Cosmétique Magazine and by Accademia del Profumo in Italy for her creation of blockbuster Black Opium. To learn more:

 After 21 years of dedicated creation for Firmenich, Tony Reichert is one of Firmenich’s most successful Body and Home Care perfumers and plays a pivotal role in building long-lasting customer partnerships. A champion of Firmenich new ingredients and technologies, Tony is a pioneer in his field and a recognized category leader in laundry softeners and air care, with many major market successes to his name. He is also deeply committed to training and developing the Company’s next generation of young perfumers, passing down his expertise and passion to win. To learn more: