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- 05/08/2018


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Microbiome Era opens the way to a better understanding of microbe’s world and related issues. Now, it is clear that microbes are not only responsible for disease, but on the contrary, many of them work collectively in a symbiotic relationship with our organism, to perform specific functions that promote and maintain health.

Particularly, vaginal health is strictly associated with the presence of Lactobacillus species in vaginal microbiota. A perturbed microbiota, where dominant Lactobacillus species are overwhelmed by exogenous or minority ones, characterizes the majority of uro-genital tract infections.

Vaginal and urinary issues severely affect the women quality of life. They are often associated with severe diseases, infertility and pregnancy complications. Antibiotic treatment is the standard therapy for symptomatic infections, but sometimes failed to prevent recurrences.

Roelmi HPC has developed IntimiqueTM Femme, a novel food supplement for woman intimate healthcare based on a patented and proprietary probiotic complex (3×10^9 CFU L. plantarum PBS067, L. rhamnosus LRH020 and B. lactis BL050).

A first clinical trial confirms the ability of IntimiqueTM Femme strains to colonize human vaginal epithelium after oral administration.

A second clinical trial has been performed to assess the efficacy in restoring healthy vaginal microbiota after antibiotics treatment and in reducing its recurrences rate.

The study enrolled 75 women affected by Bacterial Vaginosis, assigned to active (50) or reference group (25). After confirmation of BV diagnosis, both groups received antibiotic treatment according to physician examination and then, only the active group, was administered with IntimiqueTM Femme. Clinicians followed all women with the same visit schedule, observing variation in symptoms, microbiome composition and recurrences rate in a short- and long-term program.

Here we present astonishing preliminary results referring to the short-term observation. Women who followed a supplementation program with IntimiqueTM Femme, 3 Billion CFU per daily dose for 14 consecutive days, showed a significant reduction in recurrences rate in the following month: from 50% (reference group and bibliographic data) to 22% (active group). Objective physician examination and vaginal wet mount microscopy supported this result, showing a greater microbiota restoration and a general symptoms improvement in the active group compared to reference group. The study is ongoing: long-term results will be available in the next months.

Microbiome intervention through IntimiqueTM Femme is an incredible innovation that can allow women quality of life to improve and chronic suffering to decline.

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