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- 02/03/2017

LESSONIA is taking part in a large project of European research.

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LessoniaBioactiveIngredientsLESSONIA is taking part in a new European research project aiming to develop bioactive ingredients from algae.
The GENIALG project, of which LESSONIA is the industrial partner for cosmetic applications, has officially debuted by 2 working days, January 23th and 24th 2017. More than 40 researchers met to share and define the research topics, at the biological station of Roscoff, the coordinator of this European program.
GENIALG is a large-scale project: 23 million euros of research over 4 years and 19 European partners from academic research but also industrials.
Ten European research centers are going to collaborate for this program, opening new perspectives for LESSONIA, especially within the reinforcementof its expertise in marine glycobiology.
GENIALG not only will provide to LESSONIA an access to academic research laboratories’ technologies, but also will enable to study a multitude of molecules from algae, with potential cosmetic activities.
Algae offer, indeed, a huge richness of molecules with high biological activities, richness already exploited by the company in its marine active ingredients: Fucoreverse and Fucowhite.
The GENIALG project is aligned with the collaboration already set since 2 years with the biological station of Roscoff and that have already enabled a technology transfer on enzymatic hydrolyze of algae polysaccharides. An innovative active ingredient born from this collaboration will be put on the market during the next in-Cosmetics exhibition in London.