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- 01/30/2017

Lilly breaks up collaboration with French biopharma Adocia

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Eli Lilly annouced that will exit from the  collaboration to develop Adocia’s BioChaperone Lispro, an ultra-rapid insulin, for the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The Lyon-based biopharma company was caught out by the decision as it perceived  that the partnership was on solid ground, however as consequences of the deal break up, all the rights that Adocia has licensed to Lilly will go back to the French company at no cost.

Furthermore Adocia will proceed with Phase 3 and will look for a new development and commercialization partner.


Gregory Andrew Kueterman from Eli Lilly in a statement sent by email answered to all the questions arose on this sudden exit :“Lilly has decided to cease our collaboration with Adocia in the development of BioChaperone Lispro. We will continue to develop an alternative ultra-rapid insulin program as part of our vision to offer a more complete range of medicines for people with diabetes. Lilly continuously makes decisions about the allocation of resources to our development efforts. This decision was about making a choice.”


Source: Reuters, Adocia


The news will be updated following ADOCIA press conference to be hold on 30th January 2017