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- 06/23/2017

Liquid-Liquid Extraction Reinvented

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

ZaiputZaiput Flow Technologies’ patented liquid-liquid separation systems offer unprecedented efficiency in liquid-liquid extraction at contained cost. Designed with ease of use in mind, these devices allow chemists to swiftly go from lab to production scale, reducing hassles and expenses.  Zaiput devices, although designed for flow chemistry, can be used in any current setup (whether batch or flow), and save money and time by allowing increased throughput, decreased waiting times and reducing the amount of solvents and samples used.

Zaiput’s membrane-based technology is modular in design, scalable, and straightforward. The devices allow two immiscible liquids to be separated based on their ability to wet an inert porous membrane rather than their densities, allowing for very compact and efficient devices with negligible dead volume. Importantly, because there is no need to allow the liquids to settle and separate, this is a fast and simple way to separate immiscible liquids and even emulsions in a matter of seconds.

Zaiput currently offers 3 different models (SEP-10, SEP-200, SEP-3000*) designed to allow scalability from lab to production plant. The separators accommodate flow rates up to 20, 200 and 3000 ml/min respectively, with a pressure rating of 2 MPa. The devices have chemically inert wetted parts, making them resistant to harsh chemicals and come with easy-to-exchange, low cost membranes.


*SEP-3000 available in Fall 2017