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- 06/06/2016

Liquid-Liquid Separators

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Zaiput Flow Technologies’ patented liquid-liquid separators enables scalable liquid-liquid extraction/separation in flow. Our devices exploit membranes and contain an innovative on-board pressure control system to ensure that proper operating conditions are always met.

The presence of the on-board pressure controller practically decouples the operation of the separator from downstream operations, making the separator a truly modular unit. As a result, our separators greatly simplify applications ranging from multistep synthesis to multistage countercurrent extraction.

Our separators are rated for high pressure use allowing in-line separation in pressurized flow systems. Finally, our devices have a broad chemical compatibility, easy maintenance and come at an affordable price.


Our integrated liquid-liquid separators:

  •      decouple the liquid flow control from the separation (no need to manually adjust pressure drops, plug & play operation)
  •      can separate liquids with the same densities
  •      have a low separation pressure differential (suitable for the majority of aqueous/organic pairs)
  •      can separate emulsions
  •      have a drastically reduced dead volume
  •      have excellent chemical compatibility
  •      allow operation under pressure (300 psi/2 MPa) and in-line
  •      are scalable from lab to production
  •      provide a green alternative
  •      are ideal for high value chemicals
  •      come at a lower price than competing technologies

Images of SEP-10 and SEP-200 (in Stainless Steel and Hastelloy):

Separator’s Use. The separators have one inlet for the mixed stream and two outlets – one for the organic phase and one for aqueous phase. The separator’s use does not need any preparation or calibration.

The separating membranes are available in different pore sizes and materials to cover a wide range of applications.

Consult Zaiput’s team for your separation needs.