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- 04/04/2017

Mylan’s EpiPen recall goes global

Pharma Horizon

epipen Since last week generic drugmaker Mylan had to recall about about 81,000 EpiPen devices in countries outside the United States due to two reports of allergy treatment failing to work in emergencieshe. The devices recall it has been also expanded to U.S.

Even if the cases the prodouct failed to work are just two, the nature of the product itself need in case of emergency means the uncertainty alone could accelerate the switch to other available brands.

The current recall  includes 13 lots of EpiPen distributed between mid-December 2015 and July 2016 and manufactured by Meridian Medical Technologies, a Pfizer company.

The timing couldn’t be as Mylan is struggling to hold on to its market dominance while Auvi-Q, made by drug company Kaleo, has been relaunched. 

Last year Kaleo had to pull from the market  Auvi-Q after 26 cases when the device malfunctioned contributing  Mylan’s monopoly on epinephrine injectors

Read here more information on the product recall from Mylan web site

However Mylan spokesperson says: “Mylan has an adequate supply to replace the recalled devices, as well as to continue to supply the market for future demand of new prescriptions,” 


Source: Forbes