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- 01/24/2017

Mylan’s EpiPen will have to compete with Auvi-Q pricing scheme

Pharma Horizon

auvi qAuvi-Q, EpiPen’s main competiror, will be back on the market from 14th Febraruary and even if its the list price, $4,500, will be much higher compared to Mylan’s product, Kaleo, Auvi-Q’s manufacturer guarantees access and affordability to patients in need for injections treating life-threatening allergic reactions.

How is going to do this? The pricing scheme thought by Kaleo  will offer a program it calls Auvi-Q AffordAbility that guarantees U.S. patients with commercial insurance the devices for free and will be also free for those who don’t have insurance but have a household income of less than $100,000. For those paying cash who do not qualify to get Auvi-Q for free, the product will cost $360.

Thanks to this price scheme for insured patients, Auvi-Q would be the cheapest option: no competing device either branded or generic, Kaleo Chief Executive Spencer Williamson said “will cost a commercially insured patient less out of pocket than Auvi-Q.”, adding “The reason the list price is high is it’s the only way we can make sure patients have access and can get it for $0.”

Source: Forbes