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- 06/06/2016

Nerina strawberry: darker, healthier and aromatic

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

Iprona AG through cultivar selection, has recreated a black strawberry named Nerina maximizing polyphenols and anthocyanins.
The name “Nerina” comes from the Italian word for black “nero” and the diminutive “ina”. Before strawberries became light red in color, the original forest strawberries were smaller, darker, and healthier, with a much higher antioxidant content in form of polyphenols and vitamin C.
With the growing consumer demand for healthy living, Iprona set out to bring back the original dark, wild, healthy strawberry cultivar.
With Nerina, Iprona is making a clear statement: “healthy with attitude”. The normal supermarket strawberry has been increasingly cultivated for its looks, sweetness and bright red color, while sacrificing its phytonutritional content.
Iprona is presenting a dark strawberry packed with 18 times more anthocyanins than the normal strawberry.