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- 12/07/2016

Novo Nordisk is taking the price-increase pledge.

Pharma Horizon

Novo Nordisk is taking the price-increase pledge. Three months after Allergan CEO Brent Saunders surprised pharma with a similar vow, the Danish drugmaker says it will limit list-price hikes to single-digit percentages annually.

Novo laid out its price-increase promise as one of several steps it plans to take amid a drug pricing controversy that has roiled the pharma industry for more than a year. So far, it is only the second major drugmaker to publicly commit to limiting price hikes.

“We recognize that people with diabetes are finding it harder to pay for their healthcare, including the medicines we make,” Novo Nordisk’s U.S. President, Jakob Riis, said in a post on the company’s website. “As a company focused on improving the lives of people with diabetes, this is not acceptable.”


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