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- 12/30/2016

NutriLeads B.V. announces positive outcome of proof of concept study in humans

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Clinical research company analyze and realize GmbH announces the positive outcome of a proof of concept study in humans conducted for the Nutrition and Health start-up NutriLeads B.V.

analyze & realize GmbH and NutriLeads B.V. announces the positive outcome of a proof of concept study in humans demonstrating that NutriLeads´ lead ingredient Immuno Modulatory Plant Polysaccharide-1(IMPP-1) is safe, well tolerated and supports immune function in humans.
NutriLeads develops nutritional ingredients for application in health-promoting food products.
The company was founded in 2012 based upon an invention originating from Unilever. In 2015, NutriLeads closed a successful seed financing round with an investor syndicate comprising Thuja Capital, DSM Venturing BV, PPM Oost and Shift Invest and is currently discussing a series A financing.
As a clinical research organization and consulting firm specialized in natural health products, analyze & realize GmbH was the selected partner to conduct the clinical study at its own study center in Berlin. In an overall project duration of one year, a&r’s R&D clinical department investigated IMPP-1 in healthy humans and proved with success the concept of the natural ingredient being supportive of immune function in humans.
IMPP-1 can be sustainably sourced from food crops. NutriLeads is developing this patented ingredient for different food applications including dietary supplements, medical food and functional food to reach various target populations.
The results of the first proof of concept study with IMPP-1 in healthy volunteers were evaluated by an international group of key opinion leaders from industry and academia.
The experts concluded that the results demonstrate excellent tolerability and safety characteristics and significant and dose dependent stimulation of the immune system.
The positive result in first proof of concept study in healthy volunteers provides the necessary confidence to go full speed ahead with our ambitious development program including several clinical trials to support the use of this proprietary ingredient from sustainable sources as dietary supplement and for application in specialized functional and medical food products”, indicates Ruud Albers, PhD, CEO of NutriLeads.
Nutrileads (as consortium leader) and 4 European partners – incl. a&r – have been awarded a € 2 million Eurostars project called NIMF.
The consortium will develop Nutrileads’ proprietary ingredient IMPP-1 into a new ingredient for medical food products to fight impaired immune function as a result of malnutrition (particularly common in a variety of patient groups).
The NIMF project was the highest rated project with a Dutch participant, ranking 4th of 269 applications across all fields in Europe. Erik Dam, CBO of NutriLeads emphasizes: “The very positive evaluation of the NIMF project provides a further validation of the relevance of our proposition and the quality of our science, team and partners”.