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Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications


In year 2009 Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today, TKS Publisher, was the first to organize worldwide a conference on the topic CONTINUOUS FLOW REACTOR TECHNOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS. Flow reactors had been a hot topic for several decades and different conferences were dealing with this technology but at a certain point it had a breakthrough in the field of industrial chemical synthesis and Chemistry Today was a pioneer in wide spreading the potentiality in this field.

The first event was held in Madrid and showcased the state of the art of this innovative way to produce chemicals. Then after the really big success of this first event, Chemistry Today continued its mission to present real industrial case studies and create a professional networking. The following conferences in Paris, Como, Lisbon, Pisa, Budapest, Delft (for two editions), and Barcelona can be certainly seen as fundamental meeting events where the most important players and users of this technology gather yearly to discuss and share industrial applications.

This year the Symposium will take place in Milan.

An overview of the past events can be seen at


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Making Cosmetics Conference


Formulating and Making Cosmetics Italy, conference and exhibition, are an annual event focused on the Italian cosmetic market.

H&PC today is the organizer of the Making Cosmetics Conference, which covers the two days of the event.

The conference involves all the aspects related to the production chain, such as the initial project, research, formulation, packaging, regulatory aspects, marketing, communication, analysis, safety, market trends.

The speakers are valuable and recognized experts from the academia, industry, associations, professionals.

The event was born in 2013. The next editions maintained an overall encouraging attendance over the 2-day period and today it is confirmed as a very expected appointment in the annual calendar of the events of the sector.

26-27 November 2013

25-26 November 2014

24 -25 November 2015



21-22 November 2018
The scientific program will soon be available here:




H&PC Today and In-Cosmetics: The Workshops


HPC TODAY journal has organized scientific workshops for the In-cosmetics shows. The latest in 2015 has registered one of the most relevant success in terms of participation and attendees.


Delivery systems for cosmetic actives: How to deliver your actives through the skin barrier to their site of action


PARIS 2013: