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- 03/13/2017

RohnerChem’s competency is the sophisticated multi-step production of intermediates for chemical and pharmaceuticals firms

Pharma Horizon

Rohner AG, founded in 1906 began by producing formic acid, later transitioning to the development of textile dyes. Today we manufacture state-of-the-art performance chemicals, APIs and cGMP intermediates.

As a leading CMO located in Switzerland near Basel, we serve demanding customers in growth markets with a traditional Swiss commitment to quality – providing them with development and rapid scale-up of complex, multi-step synthetic processes.

Your Agile Experts
As a mid-sized chemical company we are more flexible than larger companies:
·        Responsive to our customers’ needs in a more dynamic customer-centric way
·        Adaptive to the most diverse reaction requirements
·        Agile multi-functional production trains and seamless scale-up from laboratory to production at a single site

The RohnerChem Advantage
·        Route identification and process development
·        R&D to multi-ton commercial scale manufacturing
·        cGMP manufacturing for APIs and intermediates
·        Flawless up scaling with a focus on continuous improvement

Core RohnerChem Technologies
·        Asymmetric catalytic hydrogenations
·        Transition metal catalysis
·        Hazardous and malodorous reagents
·        Biocatalysis and chemocatalysis for unique chemistries
·        Functional polymers

Thanks to our long-lasting customer relationships, our prize-winning knowledge and experience, we have realized continuous and significant growth.

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