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- 02/20/2017

Solvias proudly announces new Ligands & Catalysts information platform

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New website launched

The Ligands & Specialty Products unit at Solvias, the leading provider of ligands and catalysts for asymmetric catalytic transformations, is excited to announce the unveiling of our new Ligands & Catalysts Information Platform.

The information platform has been established to share our expertise and know-how about our ligands and catalysts portfolio. Customers can now explore the wide application range of our modular ligand families in asymmetric hydrogenations, C-X bond couplings or even asymmetric C-C bond formations and access detailed information about all our products.

The new Ligands & Catalysts Information Platform includes:

  • A Ligands & Catalysts Library with important details about our products such as molecular weight, structure, CAS-number, synonyms as well as useful data about the stability and solubility. Furthermore, shipment details  and reference spectra (1H-NMR and 31P-NMR) are provided to support your sourcing team. As a special service, ligands with similar steric and electronic properties as well as reactivities are suggested which might be worth testing to enhance your transformation.
  • A database of Catalytic Applications where you can select a particular reaction (i.e. asymmetric hydrogenation, C-X cross coupling) in order to find a suitable catalytic system. This tool also allows to search for reaction types, substitution patterns, varying reactants and many more parameters to retrieve reaction schemes, conditions, yields, enantiomeric excesses and the corresponding literature references.
  • A selection of Experimental Procedures which supports you in the application of Solvias ligands & catalysts in your catalytic reaction. We provide general experimental procedures for cross-coupling reactions and asymmetric hydrogenations. The experimental procedures allow for a translation of Solvias’ long standing expertise into a successful and efficient development of your catalytic reaction.
  • A FAQ section where you will find answers to a variety of questions concerning our ligand and catalysis business. This assembly addresses questions our sales force is frequently asked.

Our established supply chain enables us to provide all products from our high-quality ligand portfolio in industrially relevant amounts. In order to support you with the handling and storage of our ligands and catalysts, comprehensive data about their stability and solubility is also available on the new Ligands & Catalysts Information Platform.

We are pleased to assist you as a reliable partner with your catalytic process and to provide useful services, products and information that will help you bridge the gap between business and science. We invite you to take a moment to peruse the new site, and feel free to send back any questions, comments or suggestions you may have for us – we always look forward to hearing feedback from valuable customers like you!