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- 12/14/2016

The formation of freezing soap bubbles at -15° celsius

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today


During the bitter winter months in Warsaw, Poland, photographer pablo Zaluska captured an incredible phenomenon on video: the delicate freezing of soap bubbles in the frigid air. at -15 celsius, Zaluska recorded the careful formation of each fragile bubble as it took shape through a straw, then documented its gradual transformation from a fluid sphere to a hardened ball of thin ice. Tiny flakes can be seen slowly developing on the exterior shell of each inflated droplet, eventually multiplying and extending across the entire orb;a difficult task to complete at both the extreme temperatures and the speed in which a bubble pops, Zaluska’s final film documentation is a feat of nature and videography. ‘it wasn’t easy to capture those bubbles, because only around 5-10% of them didn’t break instantly,’ he says. ‘as you can imagine it was a challenge to be patient.’