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- 02/08/2017

Time to put industry at the heart of the Energy Union

Pharma Horizon

ceficIf EU lawmakers want to truly champion a clean energy revolution, the role of Europe’s manufacturing industry as energy producer and consumer will be a key success factor, said Cefic, reacting to Vice-President Sefcovic’s State of the Energy Union speech. Transitioning to an energy-only market for all Europeans is promised to be a long journey. In this context, improving the business case for the Energy Union would help stakeholders such as industry, member states and investors to drive the success of an internal clean energy market.

Actively include European industry in shaping Energy Union

The speech highlighted the need to involve industry in cooperation with EU institutions to make sure the Energy Union supports manufacturing and economic growth in Europe. Cefic believes that European lawmakers must better identify and support the business case in the creation of an internal energy market, to allow both member states and industry to shift from a burden-sharing to an opportunity-sharing mentality.

Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General states that “We call on the European institutions to do their utmost to involve industry in the discussions as it moves further into rolling out the Energy Union. Striving for a single market for energy in Europe that delivers reliable energy at competitive costs levels is crucial for the European chemical industry. Actively including industry in all steps of this long journey will move the needle on the debate beyond a discussion with energy producers or equipment producers only.”

In particular, EU decisionmakers will need to involve industry on discussions around demand side management  measures, the industry role in capacity management, the long-lasting problem of subsidised mature renewable electricity production technologies, impact of surcharges and levies like network and grid access cost on the electricity price and the creation of a truly competitive natural gas market, amongst others.

This would stimulate business opportunities for the EU chemical industry to increase manufacture of chemicals used in the production of solar panels, wind turbines, and insulation for enhanced building performance