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Alkyl ether carboxylates
Optimizing coacervate formation

*Corresponding author
Kao Chemicals Europe, S.L.
Puig dels Tudons 10
Barberà des Vallès, Barcelona, 08210, Spain


Nowadays, the market is changing very fast in order to satisfy consumer needs. Formulations are expected toprovide additional benefits and Alkyl Ether Carboxylates play and important role in providing many of these benefits.Recently it has been found that Alkyl Ether Carboxylic acids and their salts enhance coacervate formation. A coacervateis a thermodynamically stable aggregate of colloidal droplets held together by electrostatic attractive forces. Thisaggregate is formed by a polymer-surfactant complex which separates from the solution as it is diluted. These coacervatesprovide higher deposition on skin and hair of cationic polymers and hydrophobic raw materials such as oils and silicones,combing force is highly reduced, cationic polymers deposit more efficiently on the surface without build-up effect andconsumers can feel a clear improvement during use.