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Automatic dishwashing challenges
Market trends and enzyme options

*Corresponding author
Genencor International BV
a Danisco Division
Fabric & Household Care
Po box 218, Leiden, AE 2300, The Netherlands


The global automatic dishwashing detergentmarket is a growing market. It is also a market with manyproduct innovations. Similar to the laundry detergentmarket, many of the innovations are in the field ofsustainability. Examples include claims to perform atlower temperatures and replacement phosphate byother builder systems. There is also a need for companiesto further differentiate the cleaning performance ofproducts from competition. The performancedifferentiation of automatic dishwashing on the soilscurrently applied in performance studies is small. Thispaper briefly discusses these market trends and theopportunities enzymes offer to anticipate on these trends.Focus will be on replacement of phosphate, lowtemperature performance and strategies to supportmarketable claims with new enzyme sensitive soils.