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Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011


Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011,
Chemistry Today 
Milestones In Chemistry – Vol. 29(5) September/October 2011

, 4-5

Inside this supplement, space is given to Italian students who arestill working on their Phd or have obtained it in the last few years.These students have been invited to write an article mainlybased on their Phd project and on topics chosen by the editorialdepartment which are the ones chimica oggi/Chemistry Todayhas focused its attention on in the last ten years: Catalysis, ChiralTechnologies, Peptides. The articles which need to deal with thepotential applications and impact the phd research could haveon chemistry have been judged by a Scientific Committee.Readers can find the best article of each category in thismonographic supplement. Unfortunately the peptide categoryhas no winner as the articles have been judged not to fulfill allthe criteria indicated in chimica oggi/Chemistry Toda