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COMPLIANCE: which are the risks in the “glocal” era?


Ascensionato R. Carnà, Ph.D.
Managing Partner

Studio Carnà
Milan – Rome – London Barcelona – Lugano


The unstoppable process of economic globalisation has meant that people, resources and businesses from all over the world must come together and interface with very complex legislative systems that are difficult to successfully navigate.

The difficulties are not only apparent on a legislative level, they are above all caused by a multitude of cultural aspects and business conducts, that can force us to confront the same phenomenon from different prospectives.


“Each organisation must accept its own responsibility to monitor behaviour and ensure that it is becoming of the self-set expectations”


It is well-known, in fact, that the “sale” of a product or a service and in general all economic transactions must be carried out in a legally correct manner, that respects the legislation of both the country of origin and the recipient country.


It is normal that the need to respect the rules be born from the willingness of the “economic subject