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Folate and their health benefits


*Corresponding author
Institute of Chemical Technology, Food Engineering and Technology Department NM Parikh Marg, Matunga, Mumbai, 400 019, India

The preceding part of the article studied the production method for folates and folic acids and discussed their bio availability differences. In the following section, it is intended to discuss the role of folates and folic acid in human health and the related clinical conditions.
F, folic acid is the synthetic form; while DHF and THF are enzymatically converted to monoglutamates from polyglutamates for absorption across the small intestine.
THF. C1- active form of THF that participates in specific reactions- like, methyl- THF for methionine synthesis, formyl-THF for purine biosynthesis and so on. During methionine and purine biosyntheses, a single carbon atom is donated and THF remains unchanged. On the other