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IBR-Phyto(flu)ene® The colourless carotenoids IBR’s natural phytoene and phytofluene extracts for Skin lightening, whitening and evening of skin tone

IBR Ltd, 7 Jabotinsky st., Ramat-Gan, 52520, Israel


One of the strongest trends driving the global skin care market today is skin whitening, brightening and eveningof the skin tone. This trend is dated as far back as ancient China and Japan, but even now whiter, flawless skin complexionis associated with younger perception of age, health, nobility and purity. It is commonly known among consumers and inthe industry that whiter skin could hide some physically unattractive features of the face. Even and brighter skin tone isperceived as younger, more beautiful skin and overall appearance.All this time, women and men of all cultures across theglobe seek effective lightening/whitening skin care products. Much effort has been invested by the cosmetic industry tomake skin whitening easier and more effective. A number of actives are being used for skin whitening, some of which areextremely toxic and irritating. The need to find alternative materials that are not only safe but whose proven activity isscientifically based, is ever more challenging.This makes us proud to present IBR-Phyto(flu)eneĀ®: the colourless carotenoidsphytoene and phytofluene as an advanced technology platform, whose recent clinical findings present it as capable andeffective skin whitening and lightening ingredient.