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Market Intel for contract manufacturers
Monitoring markets and key customers in stealth mode


MarketChemica Inc.
68 Cloverlawn, Toronto, ON, M6E1H5, Canada


The rules of engagement have changed in the globalized, digital world and market intelligence services are no exception to this trend. This article shows that connecting dots in databases can provide powerful global market intelligence for Contract Manufacturing Organizations. CMOs can use this information for strategic decisions typically based on establishing market size and monitoring market share around the world. CMOs can also use this information in tactical decisions by tracking competitive activities and benchmarking their sales force performance in key accounts. Additionally, CMOs can investigate in the digital space critical events that occurred in the past ranging from key-account losses to legal B2B forensics. The problem faced by the CMOs is the high database access cost and lack of human expertise needed for a professional in-house market intelligence service. Market intelligence agencies provide a great solution to this problem by consolidating demand from many customers. Specialized MI agencies can help CMOs in very practical ways to understand their negotiating position, defend customer share and even decide on new product or new markets development.

Note: Some company and product names have been changed to protect commercial interests.



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