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Nutritional and sensory evaluation of ready-to-eat salads during shelf lif


Laboratory of Commodity Sciences, Department of Management,
University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Via Castro Laurenziano 9, 00161 Rome, Italy

KEYWORDS: Ready-to-eat salad, total phenolics, antioxidant capacity, ascorbic acid, sensory quality, principal component analysis.
The evolution of the antioxidant and sensory properties of six commercially available ready-to-eat salads, rocket, iceberg lettuce, baby lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, curly endive and radicchio, was studied throughout the shelf life. Both the storage under modified atmosphere and in unsealed pouch in a domestic refrigerator were considered and compared. Ascorbic acid, total phenolics content and antioxidant capacity were chosen as the most representative nutritional parameters for this purpose. The data obtained were analyzed by Principal Component Analysis (PC