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The Panel Discussion that characterize this Special Supplement to Chemistry Today is dedicated to the Oligonucleotides. 

As we are used to do, we offered the opportunity to seat around a virtual table to the main industry players, called to express their opinion on some food for thought proposed by our editorial team.

The following companies have joined the initiative – Agilent Technologies, BioSpring, IBA Life Sciences, Nitto Avecia Pharma Services, Quality Assistance, RiboBio, and Sanofi – that have been involved on themes like future oligos therapeutic applications, challenges related to oligos drug design and delivery. 

Moreover, panelists were asked about the challenges that manufactures of therapeutic oligonuclotides have to face in terms of manufacturing process, analysis and characterization and about the necessary to reduce the environmental impact associated with the manufacture of oligonucleotides.

Here are their opinions. Enjoy the reading.

For the May/June issue of the journal we are preparing a Panel Discussion on Flow Chemistry. 

Stay tuned!

Delivering Answers Through Innovation

Business Development Manager
Agilent Technologies, Nucleic Acid Solutions Division (NASD)

"The oligo therapeutic area affords significant opportunities for development in the manufacturing environment that will impact the future field of oligo analysis"

Over the past 15 years the oligo therapeutic field has seen continued growth in many areas.  The number of companies has increased from 40 to 120 and programs from 121 to 422 meaning more than 180 specific diseases are being targeted by therapeutic oligo programs today.  During this time our customers have benefitted from industry leading experience enabling them to efficiently advance their lead oligo candidates from clinic to market with a common goal of patient health and ... ...

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