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The Halal Certification


Sebastiano Rigano
ISPE – Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation, Via Bruschetti 1, 20125 Milano (Italia)


An outstanding opportunity to develop cosmetic sales in a market with two billion potential consumers and an annual growth rate of 10-15%: the Halal certification. The rough estimate of Personal Care and Cosmetics purchases in the Asia-Pacific area is 70 billion dollars, of which about 5-6% certified products. These proportions are rapidly evolving in favour of Halal cosmetics. Cosmetics are of a great importance in the Muslim world: the body, gift of God, must be cared for with the use of the right products, like Halal (“allowed”). It is fundamental that products do not contain any non-allowed ingredients and there are no risks of contamination with forbidden substances.
Halal certification is a customs requirement for some countries. Selected notes on the certification procedure.

A vital objective hangs over the boards of any companies: to expand the business. It is easier said (or written in a business plan) than done.
An outstanding opportunity to develop cosmetic sales in huge markets (the ones with a prevailing Muslim population) already exists: the Halal Certification.
It is however very poorly exploited, well below its great potential.

Islam prescribes precise behavior rules to its believers, both for personal conduct and for nutritional and body care practices. These rules restrict or even prohibit any contact with products that are non-consistent with religious laws. A cosmetic, in order to become usable, needs to pass a rigorous certification procedure, the Halal certification, that attests its conformity to the rules.
As seen in “organic, natural”, in the beginning considered a life- style, a niche philosophy only applicable to agriculture, but later turned into a blooming market for food, clothing and cosmetics,  the Halal behavior also (we should not forget: it comes from a religious impulse) has a brilliant future in terms of vol ...

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