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Thoughts on the latest trends in hair care

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Via Petrolo Litta, 9, 20010 Bareggio, Milano, ItalyBARBARA BROCKWAY

Market surveys are repeatedly telling us that the most popularclaim for new hair care products in Europe is still natural,botanical or herbal. Sustainable is quickly becoming themost common underlying trend throughout the personal caremarket. However, because of our current economic austerityand our new “faster living” society, (which is constantly “instantmessaging, twittering and tweeting”), products need to be notjust “greener” but they need to give value for money and quickresults. In response to these demands, brands are launchingproducts that work quickly, work well and have effects that arelonger lasting. Their marketing gurus know that it is the product’sinstant approval that gets the “twittering-society” spreadingthe word through email, face-book, U-Tube, blogs etc., andinfluencing sales.The success of the antiaging theme in skin care has now spilledover into hair care. Antiaging for hair is now a major claimbeing worked on in formulating labs around the World. Thisseems a strange concept when we all know that hair is notliving-tissue but there is no doubt that coping with dull hair, lesshair and the infl ux of grey hai ...