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Tilt to Markets in the CDMO Space
MarketIntelligence and Brand Managementin a globalized world



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Gathering market information is a fundamental business process that provides a sound basis for all tactical and strategic decisions. Disseminating market information is equally important for the market success of any company. Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today interviewed 17 CDMOs leaders on their market intelligence and brand management resource allocation. If a company’s size is a measure of success, there is a clear correlation between the presence of market intelligence and brand management services and the company size. This suggests that small and medium size companies should consider tilting their resource allocation from capacity management to market information management in order to achieve growth and improve profitability.


Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today reported recently on the 2nd European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals workshop (1) where some of the best marketing and sales professionals in our industry launched the Tilt to Market Manifesto.

This was in fact a call to allocating more resources at the interface of the chemical company with the markets in order to adapt our existing product-driven processes to the new market-driv ... ...