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20th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

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The industrial convention is organized by the Bioencapsulation Research Group, an international association covering 80 countries, with more than 7000 contacts, including 60 % industrials. The BRG has been created 25 years ago and organized more than 70 meetings including academic conferences, training schools, workshops and industrial conventions.

The 20th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention will be held in Nantes in next April. It will take place in a four start hotel which have contracted exceptional deal for the accommodation. The nice environment of the Westotel hotel but also the convention diner in a castle near to one of the nicer river in France will favor friendship atmosphere. This will promote strong exchanges between 100 to 150 industrial participants from different domains and all over the world to exchange efficiently on micro encapsulation business.

During the convention, 13 lectures from leading experts will cover a large scope of the encapsulation eld. Selection mixes senior scientists with an understanding of encapsulation processes, and experienced business practitioners of well established practical applications. 

BRG has developed tools for optimizing the B2B meeting organisation. Based on your own pre-selection among the list of participants, we optimize your agenda with up to 18 one-to-one appointments (several hundreds meeting). Coffee-breaks, exhibition and lunch times will give you additional networking opportunities to establish new contacts and new partners. 

A broad state-of-the-art showcase presenting R & D services, Equipment & To- ols, Material & Chemicals, Established Techniques in the realm of microencapsulation. Meet your future suppliers of equipments, services and production. 

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