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SMi’s 3rd Peptides event

Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today

SMi’s 3rd Peptides event provides the perfect platform to discuss recent innovations in peptide development and explore topics such as the use of Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPP), challenges with oral peptides, novel technologies, etc. Visit to view the conference agenda and to benefit from the best price through online registration. Exclusive highlights: MedImmune talks about MEDI0382, a novel GLP1/glucagon co-agonist, as a promising therapeutic lead for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes and obesityExplore the oral peptide delivery technology landscapeAnalyse the purification of synthetic peptides by reversed phase chromatographyDiscuss strategies for peptide-based vaccines development for anti-viral diseasesLive learning lab: strategy for successful GMP peptide development, scale-up and manufacturing.