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Luciano Caglioti

Luciano Caglioti
Luciano Caglioti Personal Image

University of Rome

Luciano Caglioti was born in Rome on 11/13/1933.
Since Feb. 1, 1971 he has been Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
He has published more than a hundred scientific papers, most of which have appeared in international journals. He has 8 industrial patents to his credit, and is the author of three books, two on Organic Chemistry and one on Chemistry of Natural Substances, which are used as textbooks in many Italian universities.
He published a book on popular science, ” I due volti della chimica” (The Two Faces of Chemistry) for EST (Mondadori Publishing House), with a preface by Primo Levi, translated into English by MIT Press. He has also published a short essay, “Madre Natura, anzi Matrigna”, printed by Sperling & Kupfer, 1993.
From July 1980 through Aug. 1990 he was Director of the (Finalized) Project of the National Research Council (C.N.R.), “Fine and Secondary Chemistry”.
He is a member of the New York Academy of Science, of Accademia dei XL, of Hungarian Academy of Science, of Accademia di Modena.
He is part of the Commission for planning in the field of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
He has been Chairman of the Italian Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Research (Israel).
In 1988, Minister Ruberti appointed him co-ordinator of the Commission for the National Plan for Research in Chemistry.
In 1989 Ministers Ruberti and Ruffolo appointed him among the members of a preparatory committee for the National Program for Environmental research.
He was elected as Faculty representative, to the National University Council (CUN).
Since 1994, he has been co-ordinator of the Strategic Project of CNR for utilization of results from public research in the industrial sphere.
In 1993 Minister U. Colombo appointed him as a member of the committee for the drafting of the Research Plan in Chemistry.
Since 1993 he has been chairman of ISRIM (Superior Institute for the Study and Research in Material Science).
He is the Italian delegate in the EEC Commission for Environmental Research.

“I remember I was once awarded with an an honoris causa degree in Engineering at the Polytechnic University in Budapest. After the ceremony, I had lunch together with the Faculty Dean and the President of the Institute and a number of other colleagues of mine. I was sitting right between the two and they started speaking in Latin to put me at ease, since I guess they weren’t keen on speaking English and they had probably learned about my school background and must have thought I spoke Latin rather well.
The problem was that I could not speak any Latin even though I had studied it for 8-9 years back in the old school days. So I answered to them in English. They kept on speaking in Latin and I responded in English throughout the whole lunch. What a very poor figure I made!