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Yang Zhu

Yang Zhu
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Eurasia Agrofood Biotech

Yang Zhu was born in December 1955 in Shanghai.
After he got his high school diploma in 1973 he could not study because of the then “Cultural Revolution” in China.
In 1978 he could take the national exam to study biochemical engineering at East China University of Science and Technology (then East China University of Chemical Technology).
After his graduation in 1982 he worked as a faculty member at the same university till 1993, within the department of chemistry, department biochemical engineering, and group of food science and technology.
Between 1986 and 1987 he went to the institute of microbiology as a visiting scholar, University of Münster, Germany, under the guidance of Professor H-J Rehm.
In 1993 he began his scientific career in the Netherlands, including TNO Nutrition and Food Research, Applied Plant Science of Wageningen University, TNO Quality of Life.
In 1997 he got his PhD in bioprocess engineering at Wageningen University (then Wageningen Agricultural University) under the supervision of Professor Hans Tramper.
Since 2007 he is a guest researcher at bioprocess engineering group of Wageningen University.
In 2011 he founded his own agency providing consultancy and contract-research in agro-food and biotechnology.
His research interest includes mainly bioprocess engineering, food fermentation, bioreactor engineering, solid-state fermentation, (in vitro) pharmacokinetic studies.
He is author and co-author of dozens peer-reviewed scientific papers and books, including those published in prestigious journals like Trends in Biotechnology, Trends in Food Science and Technology, and Biotechnology Advances.