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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

Household and Personal Care Today

Is this the end of “anti-ageing”?

Leveraging the value of our sector to society

Sunscreen Symposium 2017 – September 14-16 2017

A chair, a lipstick, an advertisement and a single soul: design

Cosmetics in a World of Change: Politics, Legislation and Innovation

Sustainability – Times are a changing

Beauty with Science!!!

Europe and the surfactants and detergents industry

Why are specialty surfactants so special?

Desperately seeking good Chemistry

Sunlight versus Skin: evolving knowledge

Are you ready to join the journey towards Sustainable Cleaning 2.0?

Desperately seeking good Chemistry

Are you ready to join the journey towards Sustainable Cleaning 2.0?

The new cosmetology: PersonalCare, Personal Wellness

A bolder path to a sustainable future
ByBrian Sansoni, Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives – American CleaningInstitute

More Facts, Less Illusions

Welcome to this special issue of HPC Today, focusing on sustainability!

Creating lasting memories

A Matter of Balance

Beautifully …safe!

How do you spell beauty?

Trade Associations: Supporting companies in the surfactants supply chain

Rainbow Research

What a morning shower can reveal

Sustainability takes root

Musings of a False Philosopher
Back to the Roots?

New European Initiatives and Tools: HORIZON 2020 is now on the Horizon

Evolution of sunscreens and people’s knowledge of sun protection. 

Can we continue to Formulate and Innovate?

Detergency today Moving forward on sustainability American Cleaning Institute

The chemical industry Agorà Meeting challenges and chances

2003 -2013: a new day in HPC Today

Europe or not Europe, that is the question! An editorial in seven episodes and one final question

Bøf, bil and bolig …