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- 11/17/2017

5 minutes interview with…CLARIANT

HPC Today

Five minutes at Sepawa with …


Gustavo Haruki Kume, Global Marketing Manager Industrial Home Care business

Clariant is facing a very positive trend witnessed by remarkable results: recently the Company announced a nine months 2017 sales of CHF 4.698 billion, compared to CHF 4.299 billion in 2016. This corresponds to a 10 % growth in local currency driven by contributions from all Business Areas.

As far as the personal care, home care markets concerned, we have been reporting news from Clariant this year on innovation in both segments with regards to new products, new technologiesand new developments.

At the latest Sepawa Congress we met mr Gustavo Haruki Kume, Global Marketing Manager Industrial Home Care business.

In Berlin the company launched the CleanForward concept:

(… ) the CleanForward universe aims to support and inspire Home Care formulators and brand owners in their future product development. Through awareness of what moves people around the world, Clariant has been able to situate the ingredients of its Home Care range within the context of actual global trends – Convenience, Sustainability, Well-being, and Demographic Change. The essence of each trend is captured in four remarkable, easy-to-relate-to characters who offer a unique insight into different consumer mindsets. Clariant then brings their desires to life through fully formulated product suggestions. (…)

As Mr Kume explained the concept has been inspired also by the approach to the personal care world, as well as the ColorForward color forecasting guide for plastics, developed by Clariant in the years.

Actually these two worlds, (personal and home care) are quite similar in terms of products expectations. Many factors have a strong impact on our daily lives, and common is the demand of the consumers in terms of wellness, safety, efficacy, time saving and respect to the environment.

The concept has been translated by Clariant in the following four streams: Convenience, Sustainability, Well-being, Demographic change

Convenience (free-roaming lifestyles): is reflected in an automatic dishwasher tablet: based on Genapol® EC50, it delivers a combination of drying and rinsing.

Sustainability: with Clariant TexCare® SRN 260 it is now possible to have a laundry detergent that works at 20°C with the same efficiency of a regular one at 40°C.

Well-being: Clariant links this inner peace concept to a mild hand dishwashing liquid featuring GlucoPure® Sense, a renewable-based surfactant with no irritant labels. It is suitable for the formulation of label-free detergents with improved sensorial to the hands.

Demographic Change: For Home Care: Clariant reflects this desire through the use of silver, in long used as a disinfectant agent, in a hard surface cleaner for the first time. Old and new launched in a concept of a hard surface cleaner with long-term disinfection properties using JMAC® LP 10.

Also on spot at the event:

Preservation always represents a challenge in the formulation: Emulsogen® GSC reduce skin-sensitizing dishwashing liquids through less preservative. The new preservative booster has a low carbon footprint, is based on 100% renewable resources and is readily biodegradable according to OECD Test Guideline 301B.

Sustainability and hand diswashing from the nature: the GlucoPure® Sense: label-free surfactant based on 100% renewable sunflower oil sourced in Europe. 

With mr. Kume we shared the awareness that sustainability is getting more and more “the” daily commitment of each company: because of the big volumes of products involved in terms of consumptions, the detergents are in this sense one of the hottest markets always under pressure. This new surfactant from Clariant joins its GlucoPure family of mild yet effective renewable surfactants has a high Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of more than 96%, consisting of 100% renewable sunflower oil and 100% renewable glucose both sourced in Europe. It has active matter of between 50-55% Oleyl Glucamide. The surfactant is the first to carry no irritant labels (H318 or H319) under GHS and allows formulations with no irritant or corrosive labels consistent with European Union (EU) regulations. It delivers high foam mileage in both hard and soft water, and is proven in plate tests to match the performance standards of regular surfactants such as betaines.

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