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- 01/11/2018

5 minutes interview with…Friesland Campina Domo

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

Five minutes at FI Europe  with … 

Anne Peter Lindeboom Marketing Manager

Anne Peter Lindeboom – Marketing Manager

Agro-Food Industry Hi-Tech: What new products and innovations are you presenting at FIE 2017?

Anne Peter Lindeboom: At FiE we have introduced 2 new products:

  • Vivinal GOS Syrup Organic: This product contributes to the strategy of FrieslandCampina DOMO by providing valuable organic ingredients and bringing more diversification to the growing organic infant formula market. The product also contributes to growing consumer awareness of infant health and the importance of food security, animal welfare and environmental sustainability. These are also addressed in FrieslandCampina’s Foqus planet, our own unique quality and sustainability programme.
  • Hyvital Whey EtD120: This product is a new high-quality whey protein hydrolysate derived from acid whey , therefore it has a different amino acid composition than whey protein hydrolysates from cheese whey. The high levels of limiting essential amino acids enable formulation of infant formula with a reduced protein content. Hyvital Whey EtD 120 is designed for use in comfort infant formula.
    Hyvital Whey EtD 120 is part of the OPTIMUM portfolio. It is the first complete range of ingredients for infant milk formulas, based on balanced whey proteins. It contains a superior level of essential amino acids, thereby making it possible to formulate on the lowest protein level as allowed by regulation. This helps our customers to achieve protein reduction in infant formula milk that is supported by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

AF: You offer prebiotics for infant nutrition. What are the advantages and the science behind them?

APL: Vivinal GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) has long been a key ingredient in infant formula, which has been proven to have a beneficial effect on gut microbiota composition[1,2] and stool consistency/frequency[1,3]

In addition, two recent studies have led to new insights into supplements containing Vivinal GOS. The first study showed an increase in iron absorption by 62 percent upon supplementation with GOS in Kenyan infants[4]. The second study revealed that adding Vivinal GOS mitigated the adverse effects of iron supplementation on gut microbiota and infections[5]. Both studies were conducted by the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health of ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Vivinal GOS is used mostly in infant nutrition designed to maintain a healthy gut; these new studies really add to a versatile use of this ingredient.


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AF: How are your cell culture products meeting the rising demand in biologicals and biosimilars?
FrieslandCampina DOMO produces hydrolysates for the biopharma and microbiological markets where they are used for their consistent performance. Recently DOMO has made significant investments in our dedicated hydrolysates plant in Delhi, NY, USA to ensure safe and consistent supply in the long future.

AF: What can we expect from Domo FrieslandCampina in 2018?

  • As product leader we are looking into the developments of the next generation ingredients, like the next generation Milk Fat.
  • Next year we will launch the first HMO – Aequival 2’-FL,  a high purity human milk oligosaccharide. It is the first human milk oligosaccharide (not derived from human milk) for application in infant formula. And we will prepare the development of the next HMO.
  • Next to this, we support our customers challenge to anticipate on the changing EU regulations to increase DHA levels in their formula without influencing the product stability.


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