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- 11/15/2017

5 minutes interview with…MENADIONA

Pharma Horizon

Five minutes at CPhI worldwide with … 


Jaume Juhera Commercial Manager – MENADIONA


Chemistry Today/Pharma Horizo: What services do you provide as a CMO?

Jaume Juhera: Menadiona is a Spanish-based (Barcelona and Malaga) chemical company that produces APIs & Intermediates for Pharma and Veterinary formulations, as well as additives used in several applications within the Performance chemicals market. Selling to 60 countries. On the Pharma side  we are not providing final products, but we make APIs and intermediates, all under GMP. We put our technologies and our R&D facilities at service of our clients and collaborate in developing or optimizing the chemical and industrial process. We do also involve our analytical resources and our quality control know how to back the process development. We have a robust production  infrastructure, with reactors of several sizes (from 50 liters to 15.000 liters) and materials (e.g. glass lined, stainless steel, Hastelloy). Our multipurpose plant have a nominal capacity of circa 500.000 liters/year.

CT/PH: Do you work with hazardous chemistry?

JJ: Yes, this is one of our core competencies. As example, I can say we are a leading company on the chemistry of aziridine and its derivatives. Aziridine (or ethyleneimine) is not an easy product to make and handle and you need proper equipment, know how and trained personel. This is a niche product range.

CT/PH: Any other technological capability to highlight?

JJ: Our field of activity is quite wide and, to mention a few, I can say we offer know how and expertise in bromination, diazotisation, methylation, hydrogenation, nitration, amidation, cyclation, oxidation and reduction. The plant is well equipped with the necessary services to allow extreme conditions on the reactors. Other features to mention is production technology on electrochemical cells, robust solvent recovery system and a complete effluent treatment plant.

CT/PH: Do you use flow chemistry?

JJ: At the moment, no. We operate a multipurpose plant: some products we make regularly, others on campaigns. We are looking at options to incorporate the flow chemistry concept to certain products but this is still on early stage. Customized products do not play well with this kind of manufacturing.

CT/PH: What plans do you have for expansion?

JJ: Being a family owned company, our strategy is not tied to the large financial institutions and this gives us a lot of flexibility to decide and implement the growth plan. We are expanding our R&D platform with the addition of fresh manpower and equipment, as innovation is essential. From the commercial side, our target is to further grow in APAC and LATAM.

CT/PH: What are the plans of Menadiona in the future?

JJ: The target is to guarantee a smooth transition to the next generation of shareholders. We want to grow in two directions: expanding our portfolio on one hand and exploring new regions such as Asia on the other hand. So far, our market is mostly US and Europe, we have a presence in Asia but still small. Russia is also a market to grow, and we are currently applying for the GMP.

CT/PH: CPhI 2017: what do you think?

JJ: It is pretty busy. We prepared the agenda properly, and we have set a lot of meetings, although sometimes you arrive late because the logistics between halls are not particularly friendly. In any case we will meet our targets: enjoy business while having a good time with customers and developing new relationships.

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