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- 11/29/2017

5 minutes interview with…third part

Pharma Horizon

Five minutes at CPhI worldwide with … 

Dear all, welcome to the third CPhI Worldwide 2017 newsletter. We continue to cover the latest edition of the largest pharma meeting, held last month in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Beyond 45.000 visitors and 2500 exhibitors had a truly unique and successful opportunity to meet, discuss and foster new collaborations.

Among a generally bright feeling of growth in the industry, one approach seemed to dominate CMO/CDMOs: integration. STA “Many contract services provides claim to be working towards becoming a truly fully integrated CDMO – a term that recently has been thrown around quite a lot recently.Polpharma We promote ourselves as a one-stop shop. Sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it is becoming more and more important again.EnvigoCustomers increasingly require an integrated solution” However not everyone agrees on playing by the rules. Unither for example finds its strength in specialization:  We believe that it is better to be focused this way, since when your offer it too generalist, too broad, then it is very hard to be a technological point of reference. We want to be a reference in our technologies.”

Integrated or not, manufacturers are rushing to offer more and more innovative technologies, such as flow chemistry STA We’ve seen a huge rise of interests from our customers and wider adoption rate this year. It’s only a matter of time until much more flow work is outsourced”. Ethical concerns also need to be met, to maintain a positive relationship with the society at large. Envigo The reduction, refinement and replacement of animals is culturally embedded at the heart of Envigo.

The tectonic shift from small molecule API towards biologics is clearly felt. EnvigoSome industry observers have suggested that we are now in an era where biology is king.” bringing its own technological challenges and demands PolpharmaWe see a huge demand for lyophilized products in biotechnology”. However this could be not a danger, but an opportunity for companies with expertise in small molecule APIs. Biologics and small molecules together create powerful solutions, such as ADCs:  STA Our expertise in small molecule toxins and linkers is invaluable to the dual approach of ADCs.” – closing the circle, by reminding how integration means also a full fusion of skills and know-how approaches to generate innovative solutions for customers. These are exciting times, and we are proud to share the voices of the industry with you!










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