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Testing a cosmetic, a panelist approach considering ethnicity

transparency, veracity and sustainability, and personal care industry is not an exception.   Products require studies endorsing their claims, their efficacy and safety, whether we’re talking about cosmetic s. When talking about personal care products, responsibility and value for money are the two sides of the same coin.   As a general guideline, all claims[…]

Cosmetic expiry date – shelf life – stability testing

  How is a cosmetic expiry date determined? How can you test the shelf life of a cosmetic? Cosmetic expiry date testing is called stability testing, and is conducted in a number of ways to determine the expiration date of cosmetics. Find out how, watch now!   Learn to formulate all types of cosmetics and[…]

Action platform for cosmetic products without animal testing

According to the European Union (EU)  Cosmetic s Regulation, animal testing for the risk assessment of cosmetic products or their ingredients is prohibited in the EU and all its member countries. The regulation includes an EU-wide marketing ban on cosmetics with ingredients tested on animals. This landmark political decision secured the EU a leading role[…]

Cosmetic testing: over twenty years ofexperience

  COSMETICS: REGULATORY BACKGROUND Cosmetic testing started in Europe  several decades ago, but the current regulatory background makes it  even more important for beauty companies to collaborate with specialized laboratories. In fact since 11 July 2013, production, packaging, distribution and sale of cosmetics is governed by EC Regulation 1223/2009 (1). The main objective of[…]