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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech
- vol. 28(2) - March/April 2017
The beauty boom:
Nutricosmetics on the rise
Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech
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Beauty is still big business. Thanks to the continued level of
interest in health and wellbeing, today’s consumers are
becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the different ways
to maintain appearances. Nutricosmetics in particular are an
appealing option to achieve healthy looking skin. According to
a recent survey (1), half of US and UK consumers believe that
dietary changes can have a positive effect on skin – helping
to drive the ‘beauty from within’ trend. This, coupled with the
preference for non-invasive beauty treatments, means the
global nutricosmetics market looks set to develop at speed,
reaching $7.4 billion by 2020. (2)
Due to a rapidly ageing population, the range of skin complaints
is wider than ever. The natural effects of ageing, added to sun
and pollution exposure, can cause significant levels of damaged
and fragmented collagen in the dermis. This, in turn, can inhibit
collagen synthesis and elastin production, affecting the look
and feel of skin. Damage can also interfere with important
interactions between collagen and water, which affects the
stability of the collagen matrix – supporting tissues and giving
cells exterior structure to the overall collagen density.
Faced with these challenges, the beauty industry is looking
to nutraceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers
for innovative solutions that can resonate with increasingly
discerning consumers. Not only do products need to deliver
proven multiple benefits for skin, but they need to stand out
in the increasingly competitive marketplace, where there is
more choice than ever before.
Collagen peptides are one ingredient meeting the growing
needs of consumers. Backed by strong scientific credentials,
Peptan is leading the way in skin beauty benefits.
With a unique amino acid composition containing a high
concentration of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, Peptan
collagen peptides offers nutri-functional properties that
cannot be found in other protein sources. Highly bioactive,
the unique hydrolyzation process makes Peptan easily
digestible –an appealing choice for supplements. This process
also means that 90 per cent of the collagen peptides are
digested and available in the connective tissues where
required, just hours after consumption. (3)
One of the most significant scientific studies on the benefits that
Peptan can bring to skin health and beauty has been published
in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. (4) In fact, it is the first
publication of data to show skin restructuring effects following
nutraceuticals’ intake – representing a breakthrough in skin anti-
aging science. Strong clinical evidence shows that Peptan helps
to restructure collagen in deep skin layers, as well as stimulate
production of hyaluronic acid, the so-called ‘fountain of youth’.
The research was compiled by well-respected dermatological
institutes, Laboratory Cosderma and EC Biolab in France and
the Souken Laboratory in Japan. Looking at two double-blind
placebo- controlled clinical trials on Asian and Causasian women
with different skin types, the study also included further ex vivo
studies on skin tissue. (5) The study was critical in demonstrating
Peptan’s anti-aging effects from a mechanistic point of view.
The results found that Peptan significantly decreased the
fragmentation of collagen in the deep layer of the dermis by 18
per cent after four weeks, and up to 31 per cent after 12 weeks.
Plus, collagen density was shown to increase by up to 9 per cent
after four weeks’ intake. Strengthening and rejuvenating the
deeper skin layers to maintain the cohesive collagen network is
key in the prevention of wrinkles and sagging.
The results are also promising in terms of dry skin.
The scientific study also found that with Peptan intake, skin
hydration increased by 28 per cent. Maintaining well-hydrated
skin is crucial for skin to appear smooth and plump, and to help
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Collagen Peptides for Skin Beauty
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