www cordenpharma com Liposomes: Effective Vehicles for RNA & Peptide API Drug Delivery CordenPharma‘s expert lipid manufacturers have mastered the chemical total synthesis of high grade complex phospholipid derivatives from gram to multi-kilogram scale under GMP. Our contract lipid & phospholipid molecule manufacturing expertise supports you to drive your product along its lifecycle. International Journal of Fine Chemicals, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology Poste Italiane Spa - Sped. in Abb. Postale - D.L. 353/2003 (conv. In L. 27/02/2004 n. 46) - art.1 comma 1 - DCB Milano • Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today - vol 38(2) - March/April 2020 • Published by Tekno Scienze Srl ISSN 0392-839X CHOGDS tks tekno scienze publisher & event organiser + regular section: Focus on OLIGONUCLEOTIDES & PEPTIDES